50 for Tibet: Celebrating One Mountain Culture to Preserve Another.
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John Jancik Bio   Email John

John Jancik, a native of Wisconsin, has been trekking and mountaineering since 1977. In 1986, he began climbing Colorado's 54 fourteeners (14,000+ foot peaks) and has now reached the summit of 45 of them -- many repeatedly. In 1996, John co-led the American - Top Of The World Expedition which discovered a new island off of the northern coast of Greenland and is now considered to be the northernmost point of land on Earth. Teammate Galen Rowell documented the historical adventure for "LIFE" magazine (May 1997). In 2001, John returned to North Peary land, Greenland as co-leader of the return To The Top Of The World Expedition which successfully made the 2nd ever and 1st American ascent of Helvetia Tinde, the highest peak (Helvetia Tinde) in the northernmost mountain range on Earth. John went on to successfully climb the then highest unclimbed peak in the northernmost mountain range on Earth as well as the northernmost mountain on Earth. In July of the next year, John reached the top of Mt.Kilimanjaro/Uhuru Peak (19,341 feet) in Tanzania as part of the 2002 Top Of Africa Expedition. In September of 2002, John co-authored his first book, "Under The Midnight Sun", about both of his Greenland expeditions. John's book features many photographs by Galen Rowell, including the cover shot.

"When Galen and I were trekking along the north coast of Greenland, he stated that the adventure was as important to the human spirit as the goals one aspires to achieve through an expedition. That philosophy seemed to be the very essence of why we were walking on this isolated terra firma only 400 or so miles from the North Pole looking for a piece of land the size of one's living room. For me, to go on this journey through 50 states, combines the spirit of the adventure as well as the ultimate goal of raising funds in memory of Galen and Barbara. It will be a very special time to visit some of these high points with their family, friends and fellow adventurers."

John lives in Morrison, Colorado with his wife and daughter and is President & Owner of ECHO Geophysical Corporation.

David Baker Bio   Email David

David is a native of Reno, Nevada who grew up camping, skiing and climbing in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. In 1998, he moved to Colorado and began hiking Colorado's high country including many 14ers (14,000+ ft. peaks). In 2001, he joined Team HighPoint members John Jancik and Terri Baker on the 2001 Return to The Top Of The World Expedition to the northernmost land on Earth; North Peary Land, Greenland. David was part of a climbing team that climbed the highest unclimbed peak in the northernmost mountain range on Earth, as well as the northernmost mountain on Earth. In 2002, David joined the 2002 Top Of Africa Expedition and successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro/Uhuru Peak (19,341 feet).In January 2004, David traveled to Australia where he hiked to the top of his 2nd "Seven Summit"; Mt. Kosciusko.

Terri Baker Bio   Email Terri

Terri Baker was born, raised and educated in Reno, Nevada where she learned to love the mountains from the Sierra Nevadas. Early in life, she didn't travel and had not learned to be politically aware on a global scale - but her window to the world was her love of reading. In her 30's she learned rock climbing and winter ski mountaineering and since that time has had the privilege of traveling and climbing in many parts of the world.

After a trip to China in 1993, a year of reading Chinese history and literature brought the situation in Tibet to her attention. In 1996 she met Galen Rowell on an expedition to Northern Greenland and was impressed by how his travels had made him active in the politics of the world.

She became involved with the International Campaign for Tibet in 2003 when the Rowell fund was established in honor of Galen and Barbara Rowell who had died the previous year. The purpose of the fund - to support Tibetans use of the visual and literary arts to preserve their culture and communicate about their issues in the face of the Chinese occupation-resonated with her. The literature and art of a country has the power to educate in such a personal and compelling way.

Terri now lives in Colorado with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She practices medicine as a hospice physician.

Steve Gardiner Bio   Email Steve

Steve Gardiner has been climbing mountains throughout the world for the past 30 years. He was a member of both the 1996 and 2001 expeditions to North Peary Land, Greenland, as well as the 2002 climb of Kilimanjaro and the 2005 climb of Aconcagua. He has climbed in several countries in South America and Europe and has more than 100 climbs of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Steve is a high school English teacher in Billings, Montana, and has published four books and over 500 articles in a variety of newspapers and magazines.

He coaches the school's cross country team and has run both the Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon. Steve and his wife Peggy have three daughters-Greta, Romney, and Denby.