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Team HighPoint & Friends "Scorecard" In Canada

Team HighPoint & Friends had a somewhat mixed result during it's recent trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada earlier this month. While successfully reaching the highpoints of New Brunswick (Mount Carleton) and Prince Edward Island (unnamed), they came up short in their attempt to reach the highest point in all of Nova Scotia (White Hill). As somewhat of a consolation prize, they did reach the summit of Nuttby Mountain, the highest point of Nova Scotia's mainland.

For their attempt on White Hill, Team HighPoint & Friends elected to try the 12 mile Cheticamp Flowage route. However, on the heels of Tropical Storm Arthur coming through, they found their progress slow going through boggy swamps, black mud filled moose paths and dense forests of spruce and alders. Coming as close as .80 of a mile from the summit, Team HighPoint & Friends turned back disappointed but with the realization that they still had quite a difficult cross country journey back.

Team HighPoint has now reached the highest point of 48 states, Washington DC as well as 16 international highpoints (not including Nuttby Mountain)!

by John at 03:27:19 pm