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50 For Tibet Announces New Adventure -- On To Canada

Colorado based 50 For Tibet’s Team Highpoint is pleased to announce yet another adventure on the horizon. Having ventured on their 11th, 12th and 13th international highpoints last summer in Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain, and their last international highpoint (their 14th) in Australia on January 5th, 2014, the group is now setting their sights on our neighboring country of Canada and it's three Maritime Provinces. (Team HighPoint has previously announced that in the end of July they will be also attempting state highpoint # 49, Gannett Peak in the State of Wyoming.)

The three Canadian Maritime Provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are home to diverse highpoints ranging from a mountain to the slightest of rises in a dense forest. The lesser intimidating highpoint of the three will be the Prince Edward Island highpoint. At 140m or 459 ft, this almost flat location should come as a nice scenic spot in a deciduous forest for Team HighPoint before heading on to a more challenging highpoint. The next highpoint will be Mount Carleton, standing at 817m (2,680 ft.). Mount Carleton. Located in New Brunswick, it may be the tallest of the maritime province highpoints; however it does not seem to be the most difficult. Team HighPoint member John Jancik explains “While Mount Carleton is the tallest of the three planned highpoints, the most difficult I believe will be White Hill in Nova Scotia. It is a long hike that requires route finding, bushwhacking and generally an obstacle course of muddy terrain, driftwood hurdling and stream crossings. Bottom line? There is no established trail to the summit of White Hill”

White Hill, located on Cape Breton Island, summits at 535m (1,755 ft.) This gentle rise may not be as high as Mount Carleton, but it will still require a lot of energy. Joe Sears, another Highpoint veteran, comments, “Although the walk in to the summit of the peak is relatively flat, there is the potential that it could be a very long day, depending upon which route we end up taking. One potential route is 26 miles round trip; another may be 12 miles round trip.”

Team HighPoint member Steve Gardiner, of Billings Montana, has been on crew for most of Team HighPoint’s quests. He feels the Canadian project is a normal move for the group. Saying, “this trip fits nicely into the plans for 50 for Tibet. Since we have almost finished the state highpoints, (having completed 48 others) we have shifted our focus to international highpoints and looking at the Canadian Maritime Provinces is a natural movement in our process. I think this is where we will continue if we want to keep 50 for Tibet active and continue to contribute to the Rowell Fund for Tibet.”

To plan for these exciting adventures, the participants of the aforementioned mountains will be participating in several of their own routine conditioning to ensure their ability to hit the top. Joe Sears, plans to focus on aerobic exercises, including running and biking. He also explains the importance of hiking with a weighted pack. “Training is specific for the event that you are performing. If you don’t train by carrying the pack with the weight that you will carry and the boots you will wear for the climb or hike, you will pay the price.”

As the team gears up for the enticing thrill of yet another journey to an international land, the principle of what brings them together remains the same. John Jancik, a member of Team HighPoint since the beginning, reflects on his time spent raising funds and awareness for a cause near his heart.

“There is a lot of satisfaction in the fact that we have raised approximately $250,000.00 for The Rowell Fund for Tibet during the 50 For Tibet high pointing adventure. I must admit that I did not see at the beginning of this project that it would be going on for nine years and entering an international phase. However, I am very happy that it has.”

“It has been a chance to spend time doing fun trips with good friends while being part of a team that is working to make a difference for people who need some assistance,” reflects Steve Gardiner. “Knowing that our efforts have helped many Tibetan people reach their personal life goals is rewarding for us.”

Team HighPoint consists of John Jancik (Parker, Colorado), Terri Baker (Parker, Colorado), David Baker (Morrison, Colorado) and Steve Gardiner (Billings, Montana). John and Terri, who originally met the late, legendary photographer and mountaineer Galen Rowell in 1995 as the three of them prepared for their participation in the 1996 Top of the World Expedition to northern Greenland, now serve on The Advisory Board of The Rowell Fund for Tibet. On September 23rd, 2006, Team Highpoint was honored with a special meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama during a visit to Colorado. 50 For Tibet is the fundraiser adventure for The Rowell Fund For Tibet.

To learn more about Team HighPoint and its 50 For Tibet project, visit the Team's website at www.50fortibet.org or contact John Jancik at echojj@aol.com, or by phone at 303-204-5150. More information about the Tibetan situation is available from the International Campaign for Tibet at www.savetibet.org or by phone at (202) 785-1515.

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