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Mount Whitney Mountaineers Route photos.

Technology is an amazing thing. I uploaded the pictures to our server while driving on Interstate 95 between Bangor and Newport in Maine.

The photos in this post are courtesy of Tony Rowell and John Ackerly and are copyrighted by the photographer as indicated on each photo. I scaled them down, added a little sharpening and increased the jpg compression for the web.

Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures. None of Team HighPoint were on the Mountaineer's Route so, we didn't have immediate access to the photos. It looks like all of the climbers on that route had a great time. I'm sure there are many of us that were on the Main Trail that would have loved to join the second team.

The Mountaineer's Route Team started the day before the Main Mount Whitney Trail (MMWT) team. On the first day they hiked into Iceberg lake (12,200 ft). Here they set up camp and probably sorted gear for their ascent the next day.

Base camp at Iceberg lake

The next day they got up and had breakfast before beginning there climb at around 8:00. I know when we finally got a radio call from them saying they were getting started, several of us were pretty envious. After all, by 8:00, we had already covered almost 9 miles and over 5,000 ft. of elevation!

The Mountaineer's Route(MR) was covered with snow above Iceberg lake and required the use of crampons and ice axes. In the next photo, you can see that the climbers were also roped to each other for additional safety.

Starting the Mountaineer's Route

Here the climbers are nearing the summit of Mt. Whitney. The MR climb took about 4 hours with both the MR team and the MMWT team reaching the summit within 1 minute of each other!

Nearing the summit from the Mountaineer's Route

The final pitches of the MR are the steepest and from what I hear the most challenging. Sure looks like a lot of fun!

Final pitches on the Mountaineer's Route

On the summit, the two teams opened some champagne that had been carried to the top. From what I hear John Ackerly made sure that everyone was wearing at least a little champagne.

Champagen on Whitney's summit

Last but not least is a photo of the two teams together on the summit

Both teams

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