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Boundary peak Pictures

Hello 50 for Tibet supporters,

Here are a couple of pictures from our recent climb of boundary peak.
When I get copies of the other team members photos, I'll be sure to post them as well.

After much deliberating about which of the two routes listed in the Wingers book, Highpoint Adventures we would take, we were presented with a third route. As we got above the marsh like area at the trail head and rounded the bend above tree line, we noticed a snow field that appeared to terminate only a little below the ridge leading to the summit.

Jennifer in front of Boundary Peak

The snow field we climbed is just visible above Jenn's right shoulder. Of course because we didn't follow an established trail, we had a little route finding to do on the summit ridge, but nothing too complicated.

After that it was time for all the photo's that seem to be almost required on any of our trips. Here's one I took of John with Montgomery Peak in California directly behind his back.

John on the summit of Boundary Peak


First leg done.

Hello 50 for Tibet supporters,

Now that the first leg is finished, Jenn and I are at home sorting our gear and washing our trail clothes. It's also back to work today (which is sort of weird after spending a week driving and climbing).

As soon as I get home from work tonight, I'll start posting pictures that I have of Boundary, Humprey's and Wheeler. As I start getting pictures from Steve and John, Ill be sure to post those too.

For those of you subscribed to the news letter, Jenn should be working on that too. It'll probably go out in the next few days after I get all of the various photos together so that I can send out the best of them in the newsletter.

Anyhow, off to work.

by David at 07:20:13 am


Whitney Training photos.

The day before the Mt. Whitney climb, there were still some people who needed some brush up on their ice axe and crampon skills so we drove up to this beautiful area near Bishop. The weather was beautiful and we found a small patch of snow perfect for our training needs.
South Peaks

Jenn helped out people who had never put on crampons before, showing them how to fasten them to their boot.

Jenn and Denise

She then demonstrated basic French technique on the snow field while I showed Keith Pitts from ICT some basic self belay and self arrest with the ice ax.

Keith and David
After Keith had the basics down, Denise Clegg and her friend Sandy had a go at it. Everyone did really well and, as usual with this type of training, had a wonderful time sliding around on the snow.

by David at 11:13:44 am


Where are the Highpoints?

One of the most common questions we get is "Where is the high point" in a state.
I've found a .kmz file (Google Earth's file format) on the keyhole forums.

If you are interested in seeing exactly where the high point in each state is,
download Google Earth (this is a really cool program that
I recommend regardless).

Then, get the .kmz file from here.

I did not make this file, so all credit/blame should go to Hill, who is a member of the Google Earth Community.

There is a great topic with information about each high point (along with pictures) on the Google Earth Community forum.

A lot of questions about the high points are answered in that topic.