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Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Today is Team Highpoint member (and my wife) Jennifer's birthday!

Anyone who would like to leave a comment wishing her a Happy Birthday please do so!


Hello everybody!

Well, I just sent Bill Finch with Creative Flavor an e-mail requesting that this web site be made live. It was surprisingly more work than I belive we were all expecting and it's a pretty exciting feeling to finally be done creating the site.

For those that have had a sneak peek at the site during it's construction phase, please be aware that some changes were made to the schedule today. The effected dates are all of the North Eastern peaks in July as well as Mounts Hood and Ranier in August. Please be aware that the schedule posted is a representation of our plan at any given time and will change as we make adjustments. We will be sure to post changes to the schedule both in the HighPoints Schedule as well as here in the blog.

Anyways, in case we haven't said it enough yet, thanks a lot Bill for helping make this site a reality.