50 for Tibet: Celebrating One Mountain Culture to Preserve Another.
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View from Muir Camp approx. 10,000ft on Mount Rainier (14,411ft) during late afternoon.
~ Photograph by John Jancik
during 50 For Tibet
HighPoint Expedition

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International Campaign for Tibet.

Mountain Light - Galen and Barbara Rowell.

"Since its inception, I have enjoyed seeing the Rowell Fund for Tibet evolve and grow. Now, the 50 for Tibet effort will apply climbing and hiking in the adventurous spirit of my father and stepmother to help save Tibet's endangered culture and environment."
~ Tony Rowell, Mountain Light

Team HighPoint is dedicated to spreading awareness of the Chinese occupation of Tibet, both through publicizing the Highpoint Challenge (attaining the highest point of elevation in all 50 of the United States) and raising funds for the Rowell Fund for Tibet. Learn more about The HighPoint Challenge.

With the Dalai Lama.
Team HighPoint meets with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Who is 50 for Tibet?
Team HighPoint and 50fortibet.org is a volunteer fundraising project for The Rowell Fund for Tibet. After Galen and Barbara Rowell's death in 2002, The Rowell Fund was created in their honor. Its purpose is to help Tibetans communicate issues of importance to their community to a broader Tibetan or international audience and to preserve Tibetan culture in the face of the Chinese occupation. Every year, grants are given to Tibetans pursuing interests such as photography, film-making, writing, journalism, and projects that promote these skills within the Tibetan community. Learn more about the Rowell Fund.

The HighPoint team members are: Terri Baker, John Jancik, David Baker, and Steve Gardiner. Learn more about Team HighPoint. Our Sponsors and Donors.
Donations Made: $300,000.00+ (As of 7-31-13)
Pledges Made: $5,900.00 (As of 2-19-10)
Primary Equipment Sponsors: Osprey Packs
Potable Aqua

Support the Effort.
Why Donate? Tibetan religion and culture have suffered tremendously since the Chinese Invasion of Tibet in 1949. Help keep Tibetan culture alive by contributing a "per peak" pledge donation or a "one time" donation to 50 for Tibet. Learn more about ways to contribute to the 50 for Tibet fundraiser.

One hundred percent of all donations pledged through the 50 for Tibet fundraiser will go directly to The Rowell Fund which provides grants to Tibetan citizens wishing to promote their endangered culture. All expenses incurred by the high point adventure will be paid by Team HighPoint, including all travel expenses. Because we would like to thank you for your generosity, we offer a donor appreciation gift program. Read more.

Contributions made to The Rowell Fund for Tibet through the 50 for Tibet fundraiser are tax-deductible.